Birco Tec: Drainage systems for industrial heavy-duty and traffic applications:

For drainage surface water off areas subjected ti heavy-duta applications such as motorway rest areas, haulage firm yard, industrial areas and underground car parks, etc. For channelling off aggressive and less aggressive fluids, for hygiene and foodstuffs areas, supply channels for laying lines, dor drainage in underground car parks.

Heavy-duty channel with a high load-bearing capacity, in many nominal widths, with various gratings, also as a shallow version.

There is an area of application for the reinforced channel system wherever strong horizontal forces are acting in areas frequented by heavy-goods vehicles.

The channel systems with WHG approval (German Water Management Act) for the reliable protection of groundwater against substances which may harm water-courses, and from lesser aggressive-media.

The sturdy channel system with WHG approval (German Water Management Act). For all areas which call for increased stability.

For the chemical and general industries. Resistant to extremely aggressive media due to PEHD lining.

For hygiene, safety, and design. Stainless steel system for water, waste water and other liquid media.

The cable-duct channel with integral mounting rails for supply and disposal lines.

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