BIRCO protect:

No chance for substances to endanger ground-water

In petrol stations, sewage works and composting plants it is possible for substances such as fuel, oil, and in particular medium-aggressive media such as weak alkaline or acid solutions, to occur which could endanger water-courses. In such cases the heavy-duty BIRCOprotect channel in nominal widths of up to 400 offers reliable protection for the soil.

BIRCOprotect is made from concrete with a special additive (Mowilith), for the best possible seal and resistance against medium-aggressive chemicals. BIRCOprotect is available in nominal widths of up to 200 with inbuilt falls. The grate can be fastened without bolts using Easylock, or with hexagonal bolts. The integral inbuilt falls in the nominal widths 100, 150 and 200 ensures rapid drainage and improved self-cleaning.

BIRCO protect

The special shape of the sealing joint makes adhesion possible on both sides. A sealing cord is placed in the joint on site, and the gap filled in with an elastic sealant. Thus the joint can compensate for any settlement or temperature expansion that may occur locally. A further advantage is that the sealing joint, being visible from above, can be examined optically at any time with ease.

Technical details:

  • 5 verschiedene Nennweiten von 100 bis 400 mm
  • Belastbar bis Klasse F 900
  • Sinkkästen in jeder Nennweite mit hervorragender Ablaufleistung
  • Absperrsinkkästen
  • Mit bauaufsichtlicher Zulassung (Nr. Z-74.4-34)


  • Schwerlastbereiche
  • WHG-Bereiche
  • Industriebau
  • Überall dort, wo wassergefährdende Stoffe wie Kraftstoffe, schwache Laugen und Säuren anfallen, z.B. in Tankstellen, Kläranlagen etc.

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