BIRCO massiv:

The Channel System for Areas frequented by Heavy-Goods Vehicles

BIRCO massiv

There is an area of application for the reinforced channel system BIRCOmassiv wherever strong horizontal forces are acting in areas frequented by heavy-goods vehicles.

The BIRCOmassiv channel system comes into operation in areas frequented by heavy-goods vehicles, such as industrial areas and airfields, shipping yards and much-frequented traffic passages, as well as farms and building material yards.

BIRCOmassiv is made of fully reinforced grade B 45 (C 40/50*) concrete. The monolithic concrete body prevents the adjoining paving from breaking away from the solid steel angle. In addition, the risk of getting an insufficient substructure is reduced to a minimum. And another advantage the channel elements are available in lengths of up to two metres which means that installation is quicker and requires fewer joints.

Technical details:

  • Monolithic concrete body, nominal width 150, 200
  • Lengths 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 m
  • Outfall units nominal widths 300 and 400
  • Adapter disc for outfall unit connection
  • End caps made of galvanized steel
  • Safety sealing joints at the butt ends
  • Various gratings up to load class F 900 on request


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