BIRCO SIR – Stability and Variety

BIRCO SIR: The channel system for all areas where high wheel loads call for reliable heavy-duty channels. Six nominal widths from 100 to 500 mm and shallow versions plus a variety of gratings allow perfect integration into any architectural setting.


Maximum load-bearing capacity without the need for a full concrete surround

High lateral stability due to grade B 45 (C 40/50*) concrete, stable 4-way fastening of the gratings and solid steel edge angles allow the BIRCO SIR drainage system to be installed without a full concrete surround and framework. The resulting advantage is a quicker and more cost-effective installation.

Appearance and function - the gratings

A wide range of gratings is available for BIRCO SIR. It includes slotted cast gratings, also in aluminium, and cast grilles, also galvanized. Also steel gratings and design gratings. And this with maximum load-bearing capacity up to load class F 900!

BIRCO SIR shallow channel system with low installation depth

The BIRCO SIR shallow channel system solves the problem of limited depth. For example, the NW 100 channel has an overall height of just 80 mm. The concrete strength B 45 (C 40/50*) and the integral solid steel angle enable this shallow channel system to withstand loads of up to class E 600! D 400 not to be used across the carriageway of a motorway or expressway.

Technical details:

  • 7 verschiedene Nennweiten von 100 bis 1000 mm
  • Flachrinnen bis zur Nennweite 300 mm
  • Nennweite 200 AS und 300 AS mit Aufschwemmsicherung
  • Belastbar bis Klasse F 900
  • Sinkkästen in jeder Nennweite mit hervorragender Ablaufleistung
  • Ausgangsbasis für viele individuelle Sonderlösungen
  • Kombinationsmöglichkeiten der unterschiedlichen Nennweiten


  • Objekte mit hohen architektonischen Anforderungen
  • Wohn-, Städte- und Industriebau
  • Rückhaltung und Transport von Niederschlagswasser bei modernen Regenwasser-Management-Konzepten

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