BIRCO solid:

the solid channel system for less aggressive fluids

BIRCOsolid is for places where particular stability is required, for example container handling facilities and loading areas where high-lift trucks are used, areas used by aircraft and areas in constant use by heavy goods vehicles. Also for filling stations, motorway service areas and large truck parking areas. The channel system is factory-made in reinforced concrete, thereby offering the necessary security even for extremely heavy loads.

BIRCO solid

BIRCOsolid is made from concrete with a special additive (Mowilith), for the best possible seal and resistance against medium-aggressive chemicals such as fuel, oil, weak alkaline or acid solutions. The special shape of the sealing joint makes adhesion possible on both sides. A sealing cord is placed in the joint on site, and the gap filled in with an elastic sealant. Thus the joint can compensate for any settlement or temperature expansion that may occur locally. A further advantage is that the sealing joint, being visible from above, can be examined optically at any time with ease. Moreover, with elements in lengths of up to 4 metres, installation time is reduced and fewer joins are necessary. That means a considerable reduction in installation costs, as well as lower costs for subsequent checks.

Technical details:

  • Channels in nominal widths 100, 150 and 200 as complete reinforced concrete bodies
  • Available in 1.00, 1.50 and 4.00 metre lengths
  • Outfall units in nominal widths 300 and 400
  • Adapter caps for outfall unit connection
  • End caps in galvanised steel


  • Stark beanspruchte Schwerlastbereiche wie Container-Bahnhöfe, Flugbetriebsflächen, Verladeflächen
  • Bereiche, in denen minderaggressive Flüssigkeiten austreten können, wie Tankstellen, LKW-Ladeflächen
  • Industriebereiche

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