BIRCO canal:

the cable and drainage channel with inherently simple installation

BIRCOcanal is produced in the factory as a complete, ready-made system. Its construction, with its factory-assembled integral mounting rails, allows all standard brackets to be fastened firmly without any additional work being necessary. This saves you time-consuming and expensive shuttering and the usual assembly of the mounting rails on site.

BIRCO canal

The grates of supply channels must be capable of being removed easily at any time for inspection or for changes to be made. These grates can be bolted on to the integral solid steel angles and easily removed again. The grates in reinforced concrete for cable channels without angles can be laid with machinery by means of the two integral sleeve anchors, and simply opened whenever necessary. A special sealing strip between the channel and the concrete grate guarantees that the concrete grate will lie flat. Metal side panels can be attached to the concrete sides of BIRCOcanal on site to protect it.

Technical details:

  • Nennweiten 100 bis 1000 mm
  • Nennweite 500 mit Eck- und T-Stücken
  • Einbetonierte Halfenschienen
  • Mit Massivstahlzargen zur Verschraubung der Abdeckungen oder ohne Zargen mit Betonabdeckungen
  • Objektbezogene Sonderlösungen


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