Birco Aqua: Surface drainage systems for modern design conceps:

Drainage of areas subject to heavy-duty applications, drainage of yard and garage entrances, drainage of squares and pedestrian zones: the "invisible" linear drainage using slottes steel covers or design gratings, drainage by infiltration.

For areas such as pedestrian precincts, squares and driveways. With a wide range of grating variants.

Heavy-duty channel with a high load-bearing capacity, in many nominal widths, with various gratings, also as a shallow version.

There is an area of application for the reinforced channel system wherever strong horizontal forces are acting in areas frequented by heavy-goods vehicles.

Easy to assemble and no visible concrete edges, for installation in private gardens, in front of garages, and in drives.

Drainage system made of 100 % recycled plastic, for private areas.

The channel systems with slotted steel covers are made for all areas where the overall calls for the "invisible" integration of a linear drainage system.

The BIRCO railtrack drainage system provides for the quick reception and drainage of surface water from tracks and rails.

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